Call for Workshops

We are soliciting proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the ACM Multimedia 2023. The purpose of the workshops is to provide a comprehensive forum on current and emerging topics that will not be fully explored during the main conference and to encourage in-depth discussion of technical and application issues.

Proposal Format

Each workshop proposal (maximum 4 pages, in PDF format) must include:

  1. Title of the workshop.
  2. Workshop organizers (name, affiliation and short biography).
  3. Scope and topics of the workshop.
  4. Rationale:
  5. Why the workshop is related to ACM Multimedia 2023.
  6. Why the topic is important.
  7. Why the workshop may attract a significant number of attendees.
  8. A brief biography for each organizer and panelist.
  9.  Workshop details:
  10. A draft call for papers (including organizers, program committee and steering committee if any, as well as tentative dates). Organizers are expected to be fully committed and physically present at the workshop.
  11. Workshop tentative schedule (number of expected papers, number of expected attendees, duration full/half day, format talks/posters, etc.). We encourage events that demonstrate the interest of the community in the proposed topic and guarantee the commitment of the organizers.
  12. Names of potential participants and invited speakers (if any).
  • Workshop history:
  • If there are past workshops, the history of the workshop.

Please send your Workshop proposals to the chairs by the deadline listed below.

Important Dates

The submission deadline is at 11:59 p.m. of the stated deadline date Anywhere on Earth.

Submission of Workshop Proposals:

17 March, 2023

Decision Notification:

31 March, 2023

Workshop paper notification:

6 August 2023


For questions regarding the submission, you can email the workshop chairs:

Yan Tong, <>, University of South Carolina, USA

Chengcui Zhang <>, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Zhihan Lv, <> , Uppsala University, Sweden.